How I met HER… Miranda Writes (Interview)

how i met her

“How I met HER…” is the interview series powered by Lady on the MIC

 Miranda Writes

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1. Introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from and what do you do in life.

Peace! I’m Miranda Writes, I’m 18, and I’m an up and coming emcee from Central Jersey. Right now I’ve been working to make a positive difference in the world of Hip Hop today. It’s time we shed truth and light. Hip Hop goes beyond the entertainment factor, it is a culture. With that being said, I do my best to represent. Knowledge is Power!

2. How you met H.E.R.? How did you find Hip-Hop, or how did Hip-Hop find you? Share some memories about that? When and why did you decide to make music yourself?

Hmm, How did I Find Hip Hop? Well to start, my parents have always been huge Hip Hop lovers. I was practically raised listening to it. I’ve always loved everything about Hip Hop. The lyrics, the beat, the art, the energy, creativity exc. Hip Hop is a genre that speaks. It holds power that allows a message to be heard in a different and great way. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but it became my “go to” outlet of expression my sophomore year of high school. I started writing a lot, everyday actually. I noticed I was writing a lot, but nothing was being heard. I decided hey, why don’t I try flipping this over a beat? Tried it.. Loved it. Shortly after that, I asked for a Mic. Since then, consider it history. Now I’m Miranda Writes the Emcee!


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3. What do you want to say with your music? What is your message? Can you live from your music already? What are your future goals?

I always want my music to speak for itself. I love music, I feel music. I want my fans to be able to relate to what I’m saying. Anything that comes to my mind, I usually put it on paper. I am a strong believer in speaking the truth. Real Recognize Real, that’s what I am trying to teach. My movement basically sums up my mission and message. I work under my own banner by the name of “LPD Entertainment”. (Light Prevails Dark) I want to inspire anyone with a dream because all things are possible. Right now I am working independently. I am looking for an opportunity where I can prosper and grow. I want to take my music to the next level, my goal is to reach the masses.

4. In your opinion, what is the key to success?

In order to be successful you must work hard and remain motivated. No matter the circumstances, you keep pushing. That’s how you get better, that’s how you reach people, that’s how you get out there! Networking and building is all part of the process. Most importantly, LOVE what you do!

5. Your shout-out to the other Ladies living Music.

Much love and respect to every female that is holding it down for the Hip Hop culture. The females in Hip Hop need to unite and get together! Peace, Love, and Light.

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