How I met HER… MC Kaur (Interview)

how i met her

“How I met HER…” is the interview series powered by Lady on the MIC

MC Kaur

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1. Introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from and what do you do in life.

Hello Human Beings, I am Manmeet Kaur, also known as MC Kaur. I was born in Jammu & Kashmir, India on May 24′ 1992 – spent my childhood in Punjab and currently doing my Bachelor in Arts  from  BOMBAY! I am a part of a group JAPA(Justice And Peace For All) promoting knowledge musically through underground shows across various areas and hearts!

2. How you met H.E.R.? How did you find Hip-Hop, or how did Hip-Hop find you? Share some memories about that? When and why did you decide to make music yourself?

My brother brought his then new collection of music including some of Snoop Dogg and NWA from his friend’s place.. First Hip Hop song, that I heard was “under the influence” by D12.There was no Underground Hip Hop in India back then. Gradually I tried writing rhythmatic poetry and put it on the beats! I was the only female rapper in the country so I was a subject to discrimination of all sorts! After a year I met some sprouting local MCs, who wanted me to join them, but I didn’t get along with their “Show guns, pop none” attitude – so my NO was their reason to bully me down and disrespected me to the core –on internet – amidst other MCs and what not! I used to write songs about self appraisal, but could never release them, since I, myself couldn’t  feel them as a listener! But after this utter deception from my fellow Chauvinist  MEN, I got the strength to come up through H.E.R.! And one fine day I came back home from the school and heard this song “What they do-The Roots”, fell in love with Hip Hop! Wrote…. Spoke  my heart out and released it!

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3. What do you want to say with your music? What is your message? Can you live from your music already? What are your future goals?

I just want to say THE TRUTH! India is in a worn out stage with our youth misled by greed, ignorance and disinterestedness towards the JUSTICE! I want my voice to show the light towards the right direction – unleash people from their self-created cages by activating souls musically! And yes I am living my dream!  I am least into self-promotion and never made an effort to get a music video done till date – cause the place, where I am at – requires more than that! So I try holding seminars and let the unknowns learn about Hip Hop, her history, present exploitation, and its relevance with any bee’s life! It’s a beautiful thing for me to do!

My future Goal is definitely not to misuse this noble Art and spread its purity among the youth of my country! Working on my debut mixtape featuring Musicians and MCs from the global village! Promoting the message before I promote myself!

4. In your opinion, what is the key to success?

Key to success – an urge in the self to improve, yearn to learn, consider thyself zilch and be receptive to positivity and the inner spark of innovation! Redefine Success and blend the key to it as you grow!

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5. Your shoutout to the other Ladies living Music.

There is enough respect in me for Female exhibiting realness: Sa Roc from God Hop Music, Gavlyn, Boog Brown, Fawksie1, Aisha Fukushima from Raptivism and all the true queens from the west globe: sister Soulcat and Soia from Austria, Deepa  from India and any girl, who acknowledges her power and edutains with logic and wisdom!