Check it out: Smith Video Production (Video Interview)





Introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from and what do you do in life. What led you to do what you do?

Hey, I am Aaron Jay aka Smith Video Production, of Diamond DSTRKT! I am originally from Abilene, Kansas, but spent most of my life in Germany (for the last 18 years) and now am traveling around the world, making and editing videos. I’m in Vancouver, Canada at the moment!


How did you discover your passion?

I would say the passion discovered me. In Germany I use to organize acapella rap battles and rap parties all the time and at the same time try to promote the local mcs. I was getting bored with just promoting rappers at one point and decided to try to do music videos for fun. I did a simple one at first, it took no more than just 3 takes.

A couple of months later I did my very first video for Dee3z Nutz. You can say this MC was kind of the first person, who I could practice with and work on my skills. Back in the days I didn’t have a camera and always had to borrow one from my friend.

It was such a hassle just to get the footage saved from the cassettes compared to now. I recorded with him at least five or six videos, until other people started getting interested in my works. Word spread quickly to other areas in Germany. Ever since then I have been literally shooting videos non-stop for the past 10-11 years all over Germany and other parts of Europe. Shooting videos have taken me to many places and have given me opportunities to work with lots of great and legendary artists worldwide! I have also met lots of people, who I consider my true friends till this day!

What do you want to say with your works?

Good question. That really depends on the song of the artist, who I am doing the video for. My goal is to get the vibe and the feeling across the video, that he/she is trying to project in his/her song!


What is your message?

Depends on the song and what the artist is trying to say in his/her song.


What are your future goals?

I would say they are my current goals and past goals. To be able to live off my work/passion, either independently or with another company, where I can also learn and grow!


What keeps you going?

The art itself in creating. It keeps me alive. If I can’t edit or shoot a video, I feel dead.


What do you think success is and what is the key to success?

The key to success, even though I am still working on it, is that you sometimes have to sacrifice something in life in order to be successful. Ever since I have been in Vancouver, I have seen how doors are slowly opening for me and other opportunities arise. It’s just sometimes about taking the chance that is presented to you and running with it. But to be successful is when you can live off your passion and still have fun with it, at the same time without having to worry