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How I met HER… Klassy (Interview)

  Klassy 1. Introduce yourself. Who are you, where are you from and what do you do in life. My names Graciela Moreno and I’m also known as Klassy. I was born in… Continue reading

Chinese Man (France) live in Das BETT

Amazing psychodelic paintings by Denis K. *Interview

  Introduce yourself.  My name is Denis K. (in music known as Vintorez). I just rap, just paint, and I’m just getting to know photography at the moment. Everything, because I’m hungry for… Continue reading

VPD – Vyrai Plačiais Drabužiais

Street Art in your home. Visit VPD for more of their work 🙂


TROXXY™ Vinylz – 100% crazy upcycled vinyl records

360° Heidelberg Xmas Jam – Every Posse Move!

Saturday, December 22, 2012 10:00pm 360° Heidelberg Xmas Jam – Every Posse Move! DJs, MCs, B-Boys. Lovers – no haters!AK 10 EUR / VVK 7 EUR zzgl. Geb.Tickets HERE……… oder bei Martin Stieber… Continue reading

Deep Shoq “Life of Swing” EP

Listen and buy here:

IDA World DJ Championship Winners * Video

I’m happy to present the winners of IDA World DJ Championship 2012: TECHNICAL CATEGORY: 1. Vekked (Canada) 2. Topic (France) 3. Odilon (Belgium) 4. Ritchie Ruftone (UK) SHOWCASE CATEGORY: 1. Steve Nash & Funktion… Continue reading

Snow Jam Davos (Switzerland): First LIVE ACTS Confirmed


Profile |Morphendes Etwas| MORPHENDES ETWAS Released: Summer 2010 Duration: 63 Min Songs: 15 Format: CD-Album Guest: Penta

Renegades Of Bump – Ritmo kovos III Album


Diversus – Užkratas [ VIDEO PREMIERE ]