Amazing psychodelic paintings by Denis K. *Interview


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Introduce yourself. 

My name is Denis K. (in music known as Vintorez). I just rap, just paint, and I’m just getting to know photography at the moment. Everything, because I’m hungry for this.


What is that, what you do exactly? 

My activity is not know very good for myself now. I just know, that it’s a process for me, to get to know ME better. And the process seems to be never ending.

When and how did you decide to do it?

Well, to make music I started a long time ago (more than 7 years ago) and now it’s hard to tell, where it began. And my interests in photography and painting came in the year 2010 or even later. It started with my desire to paint a painting myself, because I couldn’t find, what I was looking for.


Key to success?

I haven’t felt the “success”…

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